2016 October Software Updates


  • My Orders view is now available, providing partners a single location to access orders.
  • Partners can self-fund or combine MDF and self-funding to allocate monies for payment of full service activities.
  • A history with the partner's marketing activities is now available for participants/leads to better qualify leads for partners.
  • Marketing agencies can now ignore quote requests from partners for better management of the Quote Request view.
  • Suppliers can promote activities for partners. The promoted activities can be viewed on the new Browse Promoted Activities page.

October 26, 2016

October 19, 2016

October 12, 2016

  • (15728) Campaign Marketplace Agencies can click through the activity's participant and lead records and have access to the history of interactions the participant/lead has had with the partner's marketing activities. This increased access will allow the agency to better qualify leads and generate pipeline. See How to Manage Orders as an Agency Overview
  • (18249) When partners view posting history inside Zift123, social icon logos will appear next to the post, identifying the social media outlet where the posts were published. See Social Media Upcoming Posts.
  • (18871) Marketing agencies can ignore requests for quotes from Zift123 partners. This results in a better user experience for the agencies working in Zift123, allowing them to quickly respond to quote requests. Learn more How to Respond to a Quote Request as an Agency.

October 5, 2016

  • (18671) Partners can now self-fund full service activities with or without using MDF. Users will have the option to choose a funding method. Funding methods can be combined to pay for a service. See How to Order Agency Services for an Activity or Campaign.
  • (18672) Partners now have a single place to access all orders. See My Orders.
  • Zift123 users can select which event types to sync with CRM. See How to Set Up Usage Profile for any CRM.
  • (16164) Partners are now notified when agencies submit a quote for a full service activity. See How to Request an Agency Quote as a Partner.
  • (18635) The Lead Management settings automate the process of accepting distributed leads from suppliers. Turning on auto-accept allows your leads to flow from your supplier directly into your CRM without intervention or additional clicks. You can configure lead management settings per supplier to have different auto-accept settings and lead owners for each of your suppliers. Learn More.
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