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Partners place orders requesting marketing services with agencies. In response, the marketing agency will provide a detailed estimate for services provided and associated costs, the date for quote expiration, and the date for project completion. The agency may accept the order and begin work. The order view allows you to keep track of your orders and the marketing agency quotes. My Orders, located at Campaigns > My Orders, is where partners can access past and current orders. 

In the My Orders view, you can do the following:

  1. Search by name of campaigns.
  2. Filter the view by agency, order status, and activity type.
  3. Sort by submitted, last activity, and estimated completion
  4. View the number of campaigns beside the page title.
  5. Sort your campaigns by Recently Updated, Create Date, and Name.
  6. View your orders and the associated campaign name, marketing agency name, agency rep name, rate, payments, and order status.
  7. Select the hyperlinked order name or View Order to access the Snap Shot Dashboard or to view the full order details. You can access the following: comments, contact list, leads, order status, edit partner notifications, and order details.

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