How To Set Up Your Zift123 Account


To get started using Zift123, you will need to set up your account settings. You can find additional system-wide settings for your account here.  

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Company Profile Manage Users Email Notification Setting Social Media Website Analytics Suppression List CRM Settings


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Proper credentials for Zift123 access. You must have Administrator access for the Settings tab to be visible.
  • Knowledge of marketing workflow 
Company Profile

Use the profile section to provide basic but important information about your company. This information will populate your marketing activities such as mailings, social media, collateral, and data analysis produced by Zift123. 

Manage Users

Use the Manage Users function to control the views that are used by different people in different roles at your company. 

Email Notification Setting

Want to set who receives email notifications for supplier messages, web analytics, and social content approval? The emails can be customized with your content and branding as well.

Social Media

Linking your social media accounts to Zift123 gives you access to your vendors' syndicated social media content, allows you to post to your social media channels from within the Zift123 platform, and gives you in-depth analytics on all of your social media efforts. Ready to get started?

Website Analytics

Zift123 analytics give you insight into who is visiting your website—whether it's at a company or at an individual level. We track Zift123-created content as well as any pages that have our analytics code on them. This information is then processed into the summary reports under the Analytics tab. 

Suppression List

The Suppression List allows you to to prevent emails from being sent to specific users.

CRM Settings

Access valuable contact information and track interaction with leads via our CRM integrations.


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