Getting Started with Contact Lists

Contact lists collect and store specific information about individuals or businesses, such as name, address, city, state, and phone number.  Email addresses act as unique identifiers for each contact you enter.  As you learn more about your contacts, you can update your contact list.

You may have more than one contact list. Each list will display in the Contact List view. If you do not have any lists, the view will be empty.

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Upload Files Import CRM Contact List Sender Permissions Opt-in Confirmation Email Dynamic Membership Rules


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password
Upload Files to Create a Contact List

Creating a contact list might seem like a daunting task. It would be if you had to do it one name at a time. With Zift123, you can import your existing lists using a variety of file types. 

Import Contact List from Your CRM

Another way to create a contact list is by pulling All Leads or All Contacts with an email address from the CRM. For Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce this includes full lists that you create in your CRM. For other CRMs, this includes a list that has all of your Contacts which can be further segmented within Zift123. See CRM Settings to learn more about pulling contacts from your CRM.

Confirm Permissions

It is important to request and confirm permission to send emails to a contact. 

Set up Opt-in Confirmation Emails for a Contact List

Set-up opt-in confirmation emails to your contact lists to get permission to contact recipients in the future.

Optional: Add Dynamic Membership Rules to a Contact List

Membership Rules filter through contacts you have registered in your Zift123 account as well as future contacts and include the ones that match a set of rules you defined when creating the list.

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