Getting Started with Lead Management

Zift123 campaigns are aligned with specific products, solutions, and industry content. As your contacts respond to this marketing, they become leads. This means a single contact could be a lead for multiple products and solutions. 

Sales Reps will be able to move your leads through the different identified statuses of the sales funnel by changing status on leads.  

If you are using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you can take advantage of integrations with Zift123. The integration will share data and you can work within your current systems.

Use this document to learn the difference between a contact and a lead and how to identify and manage marketing generated leads.  This document also contains information to help you understand more about lead scoring and how to move a lead through the sales pipeline. 

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Define Leads and Contacts Find Your Leads Understand Lead Scoring Assign Leads Change Lead Status Link Your CRM



You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

Leads and Contacts Defined

The difference between a lead and a contact is the amount of interaction the contact has with marketing campaigns or tactics.

Find Your Leads

There are three places to find leads in Zift123 depending on your established workflows. 

Understand Lead Scoring

Lead scoring assigns a value to a contact's interaction with marketing activities generated by Zift123. 

Assign Leads

Assign leads to Sales Reps, who follow up with the lead in an effort to provide services or products.

Change Lead Status

Change the status of leads to indicate their progress through the sales cycle.

Optional: Link Your CRM

With Zift123, you are able to integrate lead information gathered from your marketing efforts through your CRM. When you use the integration, Zift123 syncs status information on distributed leads/opportunities and new marketing leads/opportunities that you wish to share with your supplier.

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