Microsoft Dynamics CRM: How to Sync a Contact List from MS Dynamics with Zift123


Syncing the contact list between MS Dynamics and Zift123 can save you time on data entry and may improve lead follow-up time.

Contact lists may be created by syncing your CRM with Zift123. The syncing process requires that each contact have an email address. Contact lists are updated on a nightly basis.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

How to Sync a Contact List from MS Dynamics CRM

Zift123 is able to sync a pre-segmented list of leads or contacts from Microsoft Dynamics. This is done by:

  1. Set up a CRM Integration with Microsoft Dynamics.
  2. Log in to Microsoft Dynamics.
  3. Select Marketing in the bottom left.
  4. Select Marketing Lists.
  5. Select New in the upper left.
  6. Give the list a name. Choose the Member Type of Lead or Contact. Do not choose Account.
  7. Choose the Type - either Static or Dynamic. 
    1. Static lists are populated once with a specific list of individuals.
    2. Dynamic lists will automatically update based on new leads/contacts coming into the CRM or existing leads/contacts having information changed. If you choose a dynamic list when creating the list in Zift123, you should choose to Keep list in Sync with CRM Leads
  8. Select Save in the upper left.
  9. Select Marketing List Members in the menu on the left.
  10. Select Manage Members from the upper left.
  11. Click Select and add as many criteria as necessary to segment the list. This can be from any information associated to the leads/contacts in Microsoft Dynamics such as city, status, country, sales status, and many more.
  12. Select Find to see who the list will contain.
  13. Select Use Query once you have completed your segmentation.


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