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This feature is not available in all solutions. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.

An email workflow is series of automated emails that will be sent — or not — based on a person's behavior or criteria. With workflows, you can trigger emails based on your recipients' actions.  This allows you to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Most workflows are based on action triggers, such as clicking on a link or submitting a form. In these cases, emails in the workflow are triggered automatically when your contact clicks on a previously-sent email, submits a form, or takes another specified action within the workflow. Action-triggered workflows calculate the time sent of each email based on the time sent of the previous email in the series. Workflows use your operating system time when calculating times. So you don't need to do anything to schedule them! You will need to activate the workflow to get it started.

FYI: Zift services processes workflows every three hours. Any steps less than three hours between steps will have adverse results and is not recommended.

Activity Dashboard for a Workflow in Draft Status.

You can edit settings, edit steps, personalize content, add participants, and activate the workflow. You will see the following:

  1. Alerts notifying you actions to take to complete the workflow. When all tasks are complete, you can activate/turn on the workflow.2017-11-30_WorkflowWizardDashboardDraft.jpg
  2. A button indicating the status of the Workflow: Paused or Start.
  3. A button for Edit takes you to the wizard where you can edit Settings, StepsPersonalization, Participants, and Activate.
  4. Review of workflow Details with sender name and email, entry conditions and created date.
  5. Review of Notification emails. Notifications are sent when there is activity on the workflow at 1 day, 3 days, and 7 days after the mailings are sent.
  6. Participants displays the total number of participants as well as the number of participants in each step of the workflow.

Activity Dashboard for an Active Workflow.

Once the workflow is active and emails are sent, the workflow activity will begin building statistics. The  dashboard will display statistics for emails sent, email opens, email clicks, web views, web clicks, and form submissions depending on what activities are in the workflow. You will see the following in this view:

  1. Left navigation menu for Activity Dashboard, Leads, Recent Activity, and Analysis.
  2. The Gear icon indicates if the workflow is active (green) or paused (yellow).
  3. Agency Assistance to request help for 
  4. Edit the workflow.
  5. The Analysis Bar shows data for Email Sent, Email Opens, Email Clicks, Web Views, Web Clicks, and Leads. Note that the Emails Sent total does not include emails sent to less than five recipients. The Zift platform assumes that less than 6 recipients indicates a test mailing.
  6. Details include Sender Name, Sender Email, Entry Conditions, and Created Date.
  7. Notifications are sent when mailing recipients complete and submit a related form. Notifications can be edited. Additionally, each person set to receive email notification will also receive an email summary report 1 day, 3 days, and 7 days after the mailing is sent.
  8. Statistics for the activity. Statistics are shown for the following:
    1. Open Rate: the percentage of times the email was opened.
    2. Click Through Rate: the percentage of times something in the email was clicked.
    3. Bounce Rate: indicates the percentage of hard bounces (either the email address or domain no longer exists).
    4. Unsubscribe Rate: the percentage of times recipients clicked the unsubscribe option in the activity.
  9. Recipients: The total number of activity recipients as well as a breakdown of the number of recipients in each workflow step.
  10. Note that you will see the status Completed once the workflow is completed. You can click on the number of participants to see who has completed the workflow. Alternately, navigate to the Participant tab to locate all the leads that have completed the workflow.


See these pages for additional help with workflows:


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