How to Share Leads with Company Profile Settings


This feature is not available in all solutions. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.

You can share contacts with your supplier automatically if you are also using a PRM. Sharing a lead notifies the supplier that you are working with a particular customer and may result in additional support in the sales cycle.

A shared lead is not the same as a registered lead. See How to Register a Lead with Suppliers.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

How to Share Contacts with Company Profile Settings

Selecting this option will share your leads with all of your active suppliers but does not register them with the supplier.

  1. Zift123 Administrator access is required.
  2. See Company Profile
  3. Share Contacts with Suppliers. If you are sharing contacts with suppliers, you will need to register the contact or lead via one of the methods above.

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