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Important: Administrative permission is required to access the Zift123 Settings. For more information, contact your supplier's point of contact.


In the company profile, you will provide basic information about your company. It is important to complete the Company Profile as this information will auto-populate campaigns, forms, and other messaging sent to customers. Your company address is required in mailings in accordance with SPAM email regulations.

How to Add Your Company Profile

    1. Locate Settings in the drop-down box next to your name in the upper right corner of your screen.
    2. Select Company Profile from the left-hand sidebar menu.
    3. Complete the fields with your company's details.
      1. While these are standard fields the Company name and address are required to send mailings.
      2. Time Zone is the time zone the system will use for scheduling messages and processing. Your user experience is customized based on your browser's time zone. If the time zone is changed, a notification is sent to the Administrator identified during set-up.timezone_notification.png
    4. Select your Options. Depending on your supplier's setting options, you may have additional options to select or complete.
      1. Opt-in authorization - Add global opt-in authorization to your emails.
      2. Unsubscribe options - Add unsubscribe options to your emails.
      3. Sharing permissions - Indicate if you would like to share contacts, accounts, and campaigns with suppliers via their PRM . This is a global setting and not specific to individual suppliers.
        1. Share Contacts with supplier shares data from both Zift and your integrated CRM.
        2. Share Accounts with supplier shares data from both Zift and your integrated CRM.
        3. Share Campaigns with supplier shares data from both Zift and your integrated CRM.
    5. Complete any additional Custom Fields.
    6. Save.

Time Zones 

Time Zone mapping is done based on +/- UTC.

TimeCode TimeZone Time Difference from UTC Description
HST HST-10 -10 Hawaii Standard Time
AST -9 -9 Alaska Standard Time
PST PST-8 -8 Pacific Standard Time
MST MST-7 -7 Mountain Standard Time
PNT PNT-7 -7 Phoenix Standard Time
CST CST-6 -6 Central Standard Time
IET IET-5 -5 Indiana Eastern Standard Time
EST EST-5 -5 Eastern Standard Time
PRT PRT-4 -4 Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Time
BET BET-3 -3 Brazil Eastern Time
CNT CNT-3 -3.5 Canada Newfoundland Time
AGT AGT-3 -3 Argentina Standard Time
UTC UTC-0 0 Universal Coordinated Time
GMT GMT-0 0 Greenwich Mean Time
HST ECT+1 +1 Central European Time
ECT HST-10 +1 European Central Time
MET MET+1 +1 Middle European Time
ART ART+2 +2 (Arabic) Egypt Standard Time
CAT CAT+2 +2 Central Africa Time
EET EET+2 +2 Eastern European Time
 EAT EAT+3 +3 Eastern African Time
 NET NET+4 +4 Near East Time
PLT PLT+5 +5  Pakistan Lahore Time
IST IST+5 +5.5  India Standard Time
BST  BST+6  +6 Bangladesh Standard Time
 VST VST+7 +7 Vietnam Standard Time
CTT CTT+8 +8 China Taiwan Time
ACT ACT+9 +9.5 Australia Central Time
JST JST+9 +9 Japan Standard Time
 AET AET+10 +10 Australia Eastern Time
SST SST+11 +11 Solomon Standard Time
NST NST+12   +12 New Zealand Standard Time
MIT MIT+13 +13 Midway Islands Time


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