How to Update Lead Status or Lead Information


This feature is not available in all solutions. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.

Suppliers generate, nurture, and qualify leads through a host of marketing and sales tactics. These leads are often generated through Partner Relationship Management systems or through tradeshows as well as inbound requests. Regardless of how they are obtained, a Sales Rep will move them through the various sales phases. In this article, learn to move the lead through the various phases.


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How to Update the Lead Status

From Contacts > Distributed Leads, you can update the status of the lead to move it through the sales pipeline. Additionally, you can offer feedback to your supplier about a lead.

  1. From Contacts > Distributed Leads, select the Lead to update.
  2. From the Distributed Lead, select Feedback or Update Status.
  3. From Lead Feedback, you will be able to provide additional information about this lead and/or assign it to a sales rep until the status is changed to Unqualified/Invalid or Qualified.
  4. From Update Status, you will be able to change the status to Open, Contact Contacted, Nurture, Unqualified/Invalid or Qualified. Choosing to update the status to Unqualified/Invalid or Qualified essentially closes the lead, so leaving feedback is no longer an option.

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