Registered Leads


Partners nurture and qualify leads through marketing and sales activities. Zift123 enables visibility and tracking across the lead lifecycle. Qualified leads are a valuable resource that often ends in the sale of a product or service.

Leads the partner registers with their suppliers for the purpose of sharing contact information for potential sales are called Registered Leads. Registering a lead notifies the supplier that you are working with a particular customer. Registering leads may result in additional support from the supplier during the sales cycle. Partners can register leads regardless of the source.

To register contact information with your supplier, navigate from the Contact Details page, and select the Register as Lead button.

Note: You can only register a contact with your supplier once. Registering a lead for a previously registered contact will produce an error.

In this view, you can do the following: 

  1. Export distributed leads to a file. Logged in users can access exported files directly in the My Downloads Center.
  2. Search for distributed leads by name.
  3. Filter by lead score.
  4. Filter by event.
  5. Filter by contact list.
  6. Filter by sales lead status defined in the CRM Advanced Lead Settings.
  7. Filter by opt-in authorization.
  8. View the number of registered leads.
  9. Sort by overall lead score, recent, create date, and name.
  10. The columns for the display are lead name and title, lead email, company associated with the leads, phone number for the company associated with the lead, and lead score.


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