Settings: How to Set Up Advanced General Options for CRM

Administrative Permission Required

Administrative permission is required to access the Zift123 Settings. For more information, contact your supplier's point of contact.


Zift123 CRM Settings has four sections: General, CRM Connection, Usage Profile, and Advanced General Options.

  • The General section contains limited information that includes the CRM type, supplier name, and how to record leads.
  • The CRM Connection settings feature the CRM username, password, and security. This information is gathered from the CRM.
  • The Usage Profile determines how Zift123 will handle your Marketing Automation leads and Lead Distribution leads with separate options for both.
  • The Advanced General Options apply to all leads in the Zift123 account, regardless of their origin.

In this article, we cover Advanced General Options. For step-by-step instructions for your specific CRM, see that CRM's Implementation Guide:

Map Sales Lead Status in Your CRM to Zift

Mapping your Sales Lead Status provides a way for you to have one set of Sales Lead Status values in both your CRM and Zift. When the Sales Lead Status are mapped properly, you will be able to sync the values from your CRM with Zift.

  1. On the Zift123 home page, click the drop-down arrow beside your name and select Settings.
  2. Click CRM Settings.
  3. Select your CRM from the drop-down list if it is not already setup. If it is already set up, click Edit Settings next to the CRM.
  4. Scroll down to locate Advanced General Options. Click the arrow.
  5. Under leads, you will find the following options:
    • Leads
      • Lead Event Types—Select the lead event types to update in your CRM. We can update email open, email click, email unsubscribe, web plugin view, web plugin click, form submission, telequalification event, SMS delivered, SMS click, supplier event, and link conversion. The data from Zift123 will appear in the Notes and Activities fields in your CRM. We can pull the following data from your CRM: subject, activity type, activity status, priority, and the due date for each event. An example of the data in a CRM is below.
      • Lead Status Mapping—This feature is currently available for Salesforce and Sugar CRM. Map the CRM Lead Sales Status values of your CRM to the Lead Sales Status Values of Zift to properly sync the leads between your CRM and Zift.
        1. Zift automatically populates the CRM values with the default mappings. You can change the default mappings by clicking on the field and changing the text. We recommend that you copy and paste the value from your CRM to this field when making a change. To find the values for your specific CRM, see one of our CRM Integration Guides.
        2. The Zift Lead Sales Status Values can be mapped to more than one CRM status.
        3. Use x and + to add more customer values if needed.
      • Value for Display—Select the source of the Lead Status Values to display in Zift123. These statues display in the Lead Details, in the Registered Leads list, the CSV export for Registered Leads, and the Lead Distribution email.
    • Campaigns
      • Create Supplier Campaigns in CRM—Enabling this will send campaign details from Zift123 into your CRM. When campaigns are updated in Zift from your supplier or from other sources, they update in your CRM based on the Campaign Send Data Level setting.
      • Campaign Send Data Level—Once the Create Supplier Campaigns in CRM is enabled, campaign details sync from Zift123 into your CRM. When campaigns are updated in Zift123 from your supplier or from other sources, they update in your CRM based on the Campaign Send Data Level setting option that you choose.
  6. Once all settings are complete, click Save.


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