Opt-in Authorization


The opt-in authorization list provides additional information about contacts who have been marked as authorized to receive communications. This menu option only shows if you have completed the two following steps:

  • Turn it on in your Company Profile settings. Turning the setting on requires Admin access.
  • Selected Opt-in Authorization is required for a contact to be sent an email in your mailings. To navigate to this option select Contacts > Opt-in Authorization > List Details.

The Opt-in List displays all the emails of contacts that have opted to receive mailings from the partner.  You can do the following tasks:

  1. Add contacts via file import. You can add multiple existing contacts or a single contact.
  2. Review the number of unsubscribed, pending, and active contacts that are opted in for mailings.
  3. Export a list of all the contacts that are opted in to receive mailings.
  4. View active, pending, and unsubscribed contacts.
  5. Sort by overall lead score, create date, and name.
  6. In the list, you can do the following:
    1. View contact name, email, company name, company phone number, and date the contact was created.
    2. Select a linked email to see lead activity for a specific email, register the lead, add the lead to the list, or deactivate the lead.
    3. Select the company name to see contacts details associated with the company. Details include the leads associated with the company, email address, and lead score.


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