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Important: Administrative permission is required to access the Zift123 Settings. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.


The Sales Representative does not have access to Zift unless he is also a Zift user. You can use the Lead Management Settings to give the Sales Rep limited access to Zift123.

The Sales Rep can work distributed leads either using an email workflow or their CRM. A Lead Owner assigns the leads to the Sales Rep. This assignment triggers a workflow that sends an email to the sales representative. The email must be configured by Zift staff. The Sales Rep can work the lead via the email or their CRM if it is connected. 

Note that this is not the same as a Sales Representative role.


Complete the following tasks to create a sales rep.

      1. How to Add a Sales Rep
      2. How to Edit the Sales Rep

How to Add a Sales Rep

The Sales Representative added here is working solely with distributed leads outside of Zift123. To add a Sales Rep with limited access to Zift123, see Manage Users.

    1. From Settings > Sales Reps, select New Sales Rep.
    2. Update the sales rep information such as email, name, and default supplier.
    3. Save.

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How to Edit or Delete a Sales Rep 

    1. From Settings > Sales Reps, select the sales rep to edit.
    2. Edit the sales rep information such as email, name, and default supplier.
    3. Or, select Delete to remove the rep from the list.
    4. Save.

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