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Staying in touch with your customers is an important part of any marketing plan. The contact database is made up of individual contacts that represent an individual person or business and contains specific contact information. This information can include each contact's name, address, city, state, and phone number. All the information is not required!

It is important to note that if you add a contact that does not have an email address populated, but does have a phone number populated, Zift123 will auto-create an email address at the moment of contact creation.

With Zift123, you can target specific segments of your existing contacts to create contact lists. You can deliver content using campaign activities such as email and print media once your list is built. Created lists are available for reuse and may be used as the basis for new lists.

Standard contact fields are below.

First Name Work Phone Street Address
Last Name Mobile Phone City
Company Email State
Title  Country Postal Code


You can create a contact list by importing a file or building the list one by one. You should read Best Practices for Building a Contact List before beginning.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password

How to Add a Contact 

To add individual contacts:

  1. Navigate to Contacts Add Contact.
  2. Fill out the resulting pop-up form.
  3. Save.
  4. Complete the form. GIFAddContact.gif

Zift123 will improve a contact's company information based on previous company information resulting in improved reporting. Zift123 will make an effort to populate the company information in two ways:

  • Zift123 will populate the company information based on the contact email domain when a company name is not included in the contact information. For example, will result in Apple, Inc. contact information being added to the work phone, address 1, address 2, city, state, and country.
  • Zift123 will put in the correct company name if it is misspelled or incomplete. For example, an entry for Zift Solution would be updated to Zift Solutions. If the correction is not desired by the user, the user can change the Zift123 correction. Zift123 will make only one change in an effort to correct the name.


This contact profile is from a contact that did not have an email address in the contact information. Zift123 has created a substitute email for the contact based on the phone number because no email was available when the contact was created. A legitimate email will need to be added to take advantage of marketing activities other than SMS.

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