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An Opportunity is commonly defined as a sales qualified lead that a sales representative has communicated with and believes has a legitimate chance at becoming a customer.

This report pulls information from partner entered information in the partner dashboard/Zift123, or via a partner CRM integration. (i.e. when a partner creates an opportunity for a contact or lead activity).  The CRM setting, Provide Marketing Automation, should be turned on to gather data for this report.

Navigate to Analysis > Opportunity Details to see the report.

How to edit and export reports.

Getting Value from Reports

  • Zift Analytics gives you insight into who is visiting your website, whether it's at a company or an individual level. We track Zift123 generated pages that have our analytics code on them. This information is then processed into the summary reports you see under the Analysis tab.
  • Zift123 reports on the performance of all marketing tactics and steps, specific to each individual partner. 
  • Schedule the reports to be sent via email on a regular basis.
  • Evaluate ROI, the performance of tactics, the number of leads generated and adoption of collateral from the data generated by the reports.   
  • Modify reports for specific timeframes and data comparison.


The Opportunity Details Analysis contains the following data:

  • Name - The name of the opportunity.
  • Create Date - Date the opportunity was created.
  • Close Date - The estimated opportunity close date. When you identify an opportunity, you can estimate when you will close it so that the pipeline is more defined. 
  • Status - Status or stage of the location of the opportunity in the sales pipeline based on Close Percentage. This might be Open, Closed Won, Closed Lost, etc. It is based on the % that is entered.
  • Close Percentage - The probability that this opportunity will be won. The percentage of opportunities that have been closed either won or lost.
  • Total Value - The dollar value of the opportunity.
  • Sales Pipeline - The sales pipeline records the opportunity owner's estimate of the opportunity's dollar value - usually close percentage x total pipeline value.
  • Related Lead - The lead that is associated with the creation of this opportunity. For Distributed leads, links to the details of that lead. Marketing Lead means the lead was created from Zift Marketing. Other Lead means the lead was generated by the partner through other means.
  • Account - The name of the partner account associated with the lead.


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