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Zift Analytics gives you insight into who is visiting your website, whether it's at a company or an individual level. We track Zift123-generated pages that have our analytics code on them. This information is then processed into the summary reports you see under the Analysis tab. The goal of any data analysis is to learn more, draw conclusions, and recommend changes that will improve performance.

Zift123 reports on the performance of all marketing tactics and steps, specific to each individual partner. The report data will vary based on the subscription selected in the Settings Menu. When you are in the My Zift123 view, all data from all partners will be in the reports. If you select a single supplier from the Settings Menu, only that supplier's data will display.

The reports can be scheduled to export and will be available to logged in users in My Downloads.

Data on the reports can be used to evaluate ROI, performance of tactics, number of leads generated, and adoption of collateral.  They are easy to understand, quickly accessed, and can help steer future campaigns.

Finally, our reports can be modified for specific time-frames and data comparison.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Login
  • Zift123 Password
  • Features > Analysis for definitions for all reports

How to Edit the Report

  1. Select Analysis > named report > Edit Report.
  2. Edit the report so that it can be generated in the following formats:
    1. Date Range
      1. Last 12 months, 90 days, 30 days, or 7 days.
      2. The previous year, quarter, month, week, or day.
      3. Current year, quarter, month, or week.
    2. Group By none, day, month, week, or year.
    3. Include or Exclude the columns that you want to print on the report with the Column Chooser.

How to Schedule a Report

The data in the report will cover the last 12 months. The export will begin to process immediately. You will receive an email notification when the report is available. The reports can be scheduled to export and will be available to logged in users in My Downloads.

  1. Select Analysis > named report > Export All.
  2. Select one of the scheduling options: Send Now, Send Daily, Send Weekly or Send Monthly.

How to Remove a Scheduled Report

Reports cannot be rescheduled. You will need to delete the existing report and create a new report with the updated schedule.

  1. To remove or stop a scheduled report, navigate to Settings > Scheduled Reports.
  2. Select the red X, to delete the report.


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