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The goal of any data analysis is to learn more, draw conclusions, and recommend changes that will improve performance. The Email Summary report captures data from emails that are sent by partners.

Note that this report does not include emails that are sent to less than five recipients. The Zift platform assumes that less than 6 recipients indicate a test mailing.

Navigate to Analysis > Email Summary to see the report.

How to edit and export reports.

Getting Value from Reports

  • Zift Analytics gives you insight into who is visiting your website, whether it's at a company or an individual level. We track Zift123-generated pages that have our analytics code on them. This information is then processed into the summary reports you see under the Analysis tab.
  • Zift123 reports on the performance of all marketing tactics and steps, specific to each individual partner.
  • Schedule the reports to be sent via email on a regular basis.
  • Evaluate ROI, the performance of tactics, the number of leads generated, and the adoption of collateral from the data generated by the reports.
  • Modify reports for specific time frames and data comparison.

The Email Summary Contains the Following Data

  • Email - The name of a single email that was sent.
  • Date - The date the email was sent.
  • Sent - The number of emails sent.
  • Received - The number of emails that landed in an email inbox.
  • Unique Opens - The number of times the email was opened. Learn more about tracking email opens and how open rates are calculated.
  • % Opens - A calculation of number received divided by the number of opens.
  • Unique Clicks - The number of times the recipient clicked on the email content.
  • CTR - Click Through Rate is the number of times recipients clicked on something in the email.
  • CTOR - Click to Open Rate indicates the effectiveness of your content, design, and offers in your email message. CTOR is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks by the number of unique opens.
  • % Bounce - A bounce occurs when a campaign (email, newsletter, etc.) is not delivered to a recipient. This percentage includes both hard and soft bounces. Learn more about bounces.
  • Submissions - Form submissions using a form associated with the email.
  • LP Views - Number of landing page views for a landing page associated with the email.
  • LP Clicks - Number of landing page clicks for a landing page associated with the email.
  • New Leads - The number of contacts that met the lead score threshold for the first time as a result of this campaign.
  • # Conversions - The number of leads converted to opportunities. Learn more about conversions.
  • Account - The name of the partner account associated with the email.
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