How to Create SMS Campaigns


A campaign is a collection of marketing activities that include emails, email workflows, web plugins, print media, digital advertising, or a combination of activities. A campaign can either be supplier-provided or you can create your own campaign. By creating campaigns, you will be able to gather data in one place for all the marketing activities around a specific product or service.

In some parts of the world, Short Messaging Service (SMS) or text messaging is preferred over email. Typically, these are countries where internet access is poor but the population does have cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. Before using SMS, be sure to check for current rates and charges with various carriers. We have listed some information below, but the SMS marketplace is always evolving.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

How to Create Your SMS (Text) Campaign

Creating a SMS Campaign is like creating any campaign, except you must select the SMS Activity. When creating the campaign, consider how the charges and displays will be seen on a mobile device. SMS messages are limited to 140 characters. If more text is entered, additional messages will be sent.

An SMS activity can be added to an existing campaign, from Campaigns > My Campaigns. This is best when the text of the campaign mirrors text from an existing SMS campaign. When you use the same text, you can see all the related activities under a single campaign allowing you to review data easily.

  1. From Campaigns > My Campaigns, select Create Your Own Campaign.
  2. Select Add Activity.
  3. Select SMS. GIFSMSActitivy.gif
  4. Select a Workflow.
  5. Select Correct This to personalize the SMS workflow with your branding.
  6. To personalize an individual message:
    1. From the left-hand sidebar, select Steps.
    2. Select Edit SMS.
    3. You can customize the message from your supplier to meet your needs.
  7. Decide who will receive your text message. You can either upload a new contact list to send your SMS campaign to, or you can use Participant Rules to select recipients from among your current lists in Zift123. (Instructions on uploading a new contact list here)
  8. Send your SMS message.

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