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Important: Administrative permission is required to access the Zift123 Settings. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.


In some parts of the world, Short Messaging Service (SMS) or text messaging is preferred over email. Typically, this applies to countries where internet access is poor but the population does have cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. Before using SMS, be sure to check for current rates and charges with various carriers. We have listed some information below, but the SMS marketplace is always evolving.

Zift123 administrators are able to purchase SMS credits from within Zift123. Once the credits are purchased, your users are able to use SMS for marketing purposes.


Complete the following tasks to configure social media.

  1. How to Configure SMS Services
  2. SMS Rates
  3. Text Rates

How to Configure SMS Services

You will need to secure a phone number from which your messages will be sent prior to setting up this feature. The cost for sending a message remains the same no matter which country you choose for originating your messages.

  1. From Settings, select SMS Credits from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  2. Select the country of origin.SMS.gif
  3. Enter an amount (in $USD) of SMS credits to purchase. This is an automatically deducted amount and depends on the country and messaging rates for that country.
  4. Verify that the country of origin is correct.
  5. Select Checkout.

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SMS Rates

SMS text message rates vary from country to country and from mobile carrier to mobile carrier within the country. Below we have listed the rates for the most popular countries. Please note that these rates are current at the time of publication, but are subject to change by individual carriers. If you do not see your country listed below, contact Zift support for the associated message rates.

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Text Rates

Australia Telstra $0.072 per message
  Optus $0.072 per message
  Vodafone  $0.025 per message
  3 $0.025 per message
  Lycamobile  $0.072 per message
China China Telecom $0.066 per message
  China Unicom $0.074 per message
  China Mobile $0.066 per message
India MTNL $0.011 per message
  S Tel $0.011 per message
  MTS $0.011 per message
  Loop Mobile $0.011 per message
  Etisalat DB Telecom $0.011 per message
  BSNL $0.011 per message
  Ping Mobile $0.011 per message
  Tata indicom $0.011 per message
  Videocon $0.011 per message
  Airtel $0.011 per message
  Reliance $0.011 per message
  Uninor $0.011 per message
  Tata DoCoMo $0.011 per message
  Aircel $0.011 per message
  Idea Cellular $0.011 per message
  Vodafone India $0.011 per message
Myanmar MPT $0.088 per message
  Ooredoo $0.088 per message
  Telenor $0.088 per message
Saudi Arabia All Carriers $0.038 per message
Taiwan VIBO $0.029 per message
  Chunghwa Telecom $0.099 per message
  APT $0.066 per message
  Taiwan Mobile $0.022 per message
  FarWasTone $0.055 per message
United Kingdom All Carriers $0.044 per message
United States All Carriers $0.0083 per message
Vietnam Beeline $0.018 per message
  Vietnamobile $0.018 per message
  Viettel Mobile $0.033 per message
  MobiFone $0.088 per message
  EVNTelecom $0.11 per message
  Vinaphone $0.017 per message

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