Lead Distribution Notification




Zift123 automatically sends notifications to the partner default owner or sales rep. The notifications can be customized by your administrator. 

Lead Notification

The Lead Notification email is a versatile email design that can be customized to meet several needs. It can be a lead notification email, lead update request email, opportunity update request or a process complete email. These emails are triggered for distribution in the following ways:

  • When the resend notification button is pressed in Lead Details > Marcom.
  • When a new lead is distributed to a partner through lead creation in Ziftmarcom.
  • When a new lead is distributed to the partner via a PRM/CRM.
  • When a lead has an opportunity registered for it.
  • When a lead is created from an activity.


Lead Rejection Notification

The lead rejection notification gives the supplier a chance to investigate why a lead was rejected. Rejection may be the result of insufficient information on the lead to pursue it further. These notifications are sent when a lead is rejected by the partner. Contact if this feature is not turned on. 


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