How do I Capture Personal Data Consent as Mandated by GDPR

To ensure that GDPR Data Processing Consent has been obtained on all personal data capture forms in Zift123, you have two options. Both options capture the required Data Processing Consent whenever personal data is added to Zift123.


Here are the two options:

  • Suppliers can add a customized Privacy Consent checkbox to each data capture form so that any new contact opts in to permit their data to be processed. This form can be language-specific and link out to your Privacy Policy or other specific web pages. An example of a form with the checkbox is on the form below.2018-06-18_Consent.jpg


  • When the data capture form does not include a customized Privacy Consent checkbox, a pop-up modal will display a confirmation message. The Privacy Consent option can be turned on via ZiftAdmin > Application Settings. Zift recommends that the Privacy Consent modal be enabled for all customers to ensure partner compliance at all times.2018-06-18_EndUserPopUpwith_style.jpg

Additional Details: 

  • End users will be presented with only one means of capturing their data. If your supplier customized Privacy Consent on the form, the modal will not display.
  • Both options require that you contact your Zift Solutions point of contact to implement the form.
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