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Suppliers and partners can utilize the skills of marketing agencies, even if the supplier does not use Marketplace or Funds Management. Suppliers define agencies in ZiftMarcom. Partners can then select agencies to allow Full Access or On Behalf Of (limited) access to manage marketing tasks like campaigns and activities. Agencies can access Zift123 to service partner accounts when partners grant either Full Access or On Behalf Of (limited) access to their accounts.


Agencies can easily track, manage and execute orders for multiple clients and promote specific project and service offerings.

Value and Benefits for an Agency

  • Exposure to Partner Community: Partners have the ability to search for agencies that have competencies aligning with the activity or campaign they are utilizing. This exposure could lead to new or enriched relationships with agencies.
  • Access to Partner Accounts: Agencies can quickly access the entire partner account for the effective execution of campaigns and activities. This access to the account provides a direct line to campaign execution and decreases the number of communication bottlenecks between both parties.
  • Improved Efficiency: Agencies can act On Behalf Of partners and efficiently take action on campaign activities using their own instance of Zift123.
  • Contact List Privacy: Agencies can be confident using proprietary contact lists for mailings and campaigns. Partners will see only the leads generated, not the audience of contacts. Subscription preference and unsubscribe management is handled by Zift123.

Agencies with full access can do the following:

  • Access Zift123 accounts for partners that have granted the agency Full Access. Full Access does not include access to manage other agencies On Behalf Of the partner.
  • Access to all tabs: Campaigns, Social Media, Collateral, Contacts, Analytics, and Settings.
  • View lists of partners that they work with and the level of access granted.
  • View, sort, and filter by a supplier.
  • Search for partners.
  • View, sort, and filter by agency access level.
  • Use a combination of the agency's and partner's contacts for campaign execution.
  • Receive a notification that a partner has selected the agency.

Agencies with On Behalf Of (Limited) access can do the following:

  • It allows the agency to create and execute a campaign or activity on behalf of the partner. The management of the campaign happens inside the agency's own Zift123 account. This lets the agency use their own contacts and lists without exposing the details to the partner. Additionally, agencies can use partner provided lists without having visibility into the individual contacts in the list. All leads generated by the campaign will be shared with the partner, regardless of list source.
  • View, sort, and filter by a supplier.
  • Search for partners.
  • View, sort, and filter by agency access level.
  • Use a combination of the agency's and partner's contacts for campaign execution.
  • Receive a notification that a partner has selected the agency.


Partners can search for agencies/vendors and manage agency access to their Zift123 account so that they can execute marketing activities.

There are two access levels partners can assign to an agency: Full Access (Agency of Record) or On Behalf Of Access (Limited).

  •  Full Access - Agency of Record
    • Agency is able to impersonate partners with complete access to Zift123.
    • A partner may only grant full access to a single agency at any given time.
    • Provides full access to campaigns, activities, social, content, contacts, lists, and leads.
  • On Behalf Of (Limited) Access - 
    • The agency has access to manage a specific activity or campaign inside Zift123.

Value and Benefits for Partners

  • Increased Control: Partners can control agency access to their account and specify what the agency can view, manage and modify.
  • Always on Support: Partners have the ability to request agency help from within a campaign or activity. Usability focus to deliver support at the point where a partner is most likely to need it.
  • Increase Campaign and Content Utilization: Partners can execute campaigns quickly and easily. Agencies can be granted access to execute the campaign and take care of the heavy lifting
  • Better Agency Visibility: Partners can search for and identify agencies familiar with Zift123 that are able to execute campaigns and activities, fostering relationships.
  • Enhanced Leads and Reports: Partners can quickly view leads generated from an agency activity. These leads are loaded by the agency and can include notes, interest points, and activities.
  • Increased List Privacy: Partners can grant agency access to organic contact lists. Agencies can execute campaigns to these lists, without exposing contacts in the list.

 Partners can do the following:

  • Search for and select an agency to execute on their behalf without first selecting an activity.
  • Control the level of access an agency has to their Zift123 account - either Full Access (Agency of Record) or On Behalf Of Access (Limited).
  • Grant or revoke agency ability to execute on their behalf.
  • Search for and select an agency to execute a campaign on their behalf.
  • Supply a contact list for an agency-executed tactic. The agency can use the contacts, but cannot view or save them to the agency's account.
  • View agency executed campaigns and activities on their behalf.
  • Communicate with agencies and agents via order status and comments.
  • View leads generated by agency-executed campaigns and the activities on those leads.


Suppliers have the ability to add and manage agency profiles within ZiftMarcom. Previously, the Zift Support Team set up the agency. Suppliers can now add new agencies as well as view existing agency information and agency users.

Value and Benefits for Suppliers

  • Save Time: You can add and manage agencies from your system. There is no need to submit support tickets. You can quickly respond to agency changes and profile update requests.
  • Increased Control: Administrator level functionality allows you to control the agencies delivering services to your partner community. You can also control the agency fields for language, region, etc., in order to filter appropriate agencies to the partner.
  • Powerful Analytics: You can view agencies, see who is logging in, and how they are actively engaging your partner community.

Note: Suppliers who require SSO for access to Zift123 can use ZiftMarcom to view agencies, but cannot create them there. Suppliers who require SSO for access to Zift123 will use their PRM to create agencies and agency user settings.

Suppliers can do the following:

  • Manage agencies.
  • View agency activity statistics.


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