How to Deactivate a Contact


At some point you may want to remove a contact from Zift123. The contact may have been added by mistake or may be inactive for a long period of time. A contact will continue to display in your campaign statistics if it has activity (email clicks, web views, etc.) even if it is deactivated. This is so you'll still see the full statistics for your marketing activities! Keep in mind that even if a contact has activity, it is not considered a lead until it passes the lead threshold determined by the supplier.

The Deactivate button will not be visible if a pending lead is on the contact. Accept or reject the pending distributed lead/s associated with the contact to be able to deactivate the contact.

What happens when a contact is deactivated? 

  1. The Contact email is added to the Suppression List automatically.
  2. The contact's email address is removed from your Contacts Lists and from the Contacts view.


You should be familiar with the following:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password

How to Deactivate a Contact

A contact cannot be deactivated if a pending distributed lead is associated with the contact.

  1. From Contacts > select a linked contact name.GIFDeactivate.gif
  2. On the Contact Detail page, select Deactivate. Note that when you deactivate a contact, you are deleting them and the action is irreversible.
  3. You can select to Prevent all future communication with this contact


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