Saleslink CRM Integration Guide


While Zift123 can be deployed independently, integrating it with your existing infrastructure can enhance the impact and value of the total solution. To streamline integration, Zift123 has prebuilt connectors to many third-party CRMs including Saleslink, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM.

How does the connection between Saleslink and Zift123 work?

  • The Saleslink CRM allows users to accept or reject leads directly within the CRM.
  • Distributed leads will sync with the Saleslink CRM whether or not they have been accepted in Zift123 or within the notification email.
  • Distributed leads will sync with the Saleslink CRM almost immediately after being distributed by the supplier.
  • If the Saleslink CRM is connected to Zift, and lead distribution is selected with CRM settings, the default lead owners will still continue to receive lead notification emails.

We recommend that suppliers choose a single method of lead management - email, Zift123, or CRM. However, since leads sync to Saleslink almost immediately after being distributed, it is best practice to manage leads within Saleslink if Saleslink is connected.

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Request Credentials Complete Zift123 Settings Turn the Integration ON


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

Request Saleslink Credentials

Request your Saleslink CRM credentials from your Saleslink Representative. The integration cannot be completed without the credentials.

Complete the Zift123 Settings

Complete General, Connection and Usage Profile Settings for Saleslink CRM in Zift123.

Turn the Integration ON in CRM Settings.

After all the settings for Saleslink and Zift123 are complete. test and turn the integration ON.

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