My Zift123 and Multi-Subscription

Important: Administrative permission is required to access the Zift123 Settings. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.


Zift123 users who work with multiple suppliers have access to a My Zift123 account to ease marketing efforts across the different suppliers. To access My Zift123, log in here. By using My Zift123, you will be able to access marketing content from different suppliers in a single location.

With the addition of this enhancement, several views will change when you are logged into My Zift123.

  • My Zift123 users will have access to a dashboard to view statistics across their various suppliers.
  • My Zift123 users will be able to select My Zift123 or individual suppliers in the Settings Menu.
  • The Campaign, Web Plugin, Social Media, Collateral, and Analysis views will show individual suppliers with each activity when logged into My Zift123.
  • My Zift123 users will use filters to focus on specific supplier data.


Multi-subscription Explained

Multiple supplier partners have access to both a Supplier-Specific Portal and a My Zift123 Portal.

Supplier Portal

The supplier portal is a section of the Zift123 platform dedicated to a supplier’s offering on the Zift Platform. The portal provides access to campaigns, web plugins, social media, collateral, analysis, and notifications exclusive to that supplier.  

My Zift123 Portal

The My Zift123 portal is a section of the Zift123 platform that provides aggregate information across all of the partners related suppliers. This portal replicates the previous Zift123 experience where campaigns, web plugins, social media, collateral, analysis, contacts, and notifications from all of your suppliers display.  

My Zift123 Dashboard

When using the My Zift123 Portal, you will have access to the My Zift123 Dashboard. The dashboard is designed to quickly provide you with the information that is most important to you.  This includes the following:

  1. A list of suppliers that you are subscribed to in the Zift123 platform so that you can quickly navigate to one of their portals.
  2. Website traffic, email, and social media results for the last 14 days from your previous activities.
  3. A 7-day planner that displays your upcoming activities.
  4. Quick links to Support and Tips and Tricks.
  5. The My Zift123 dashboard can be accessed when clicking on My Zift123 on the Settings Menu from a supplier’s Zift123 home page.  It is also available upon login to users who are able to login from

Switching Between Portals

Switching to a supplier’s portal or to the My Zift123 portal is simple. The Settings Menu now includes all of your subscriptions in one place, so you can switch between portals.2016-05-12_UserMenu_v2.jpg

Other Things You Should Know

  • When you are viewing an individual contact on the Contacts page in a supplier’s portal, you will notice that lead information for a contact is specific to only that supplier.
  • Lead information for an individual contact related to other suppliers will not display. To view this information, you will either need to switch to that supplier’s portal or go to the My Zift123 portal, find the contact, and complete lead information there.
  • Logging in from a Supplier’s SSO page will take you directly to that supplier’s portal home page in the Zift123 platform. This login is only available to certain partners.
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