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A campaign is a collection of marketing activities that includes emails, email workflows, web plugins, print media, online ad campaigns, or any combination of these. A campaign can be supplier-provided, or you can create your own campaign. By creating campaigns, you will be able to gather data in one place for all the marketing activity around a specific product or service that is offered.

What is the Value in Campaigns?

  • Partners can utilize content provided by suppliers to reach customers quickly with co-branded content.
  • Email campaigns provide branded offers to increase engagement, improve open rates, and deliver sales views.
  • Simplify event creation, management, and marketing efforts.
  • Deliver relevant content to prospects and customers in an interactive setting.
  • Personalize invitations, send automated reminders, and streamline registration to improve attendance at events.

To schedule an activity in a campaign see How to Schedule a Campaign.

To schedule multiple activities in a campaign based on event or time, see How to Create a Workflow.

To see a calendar of campaign events navigate to My Campaigns > select a campaign > select ScheduleIn the view, you can do the following: 

  1. Add new category tags may be an option as indicated by the + symbol. Adding a tag will make the campaign easier to find when searching.
  2. Navigate to other menus: Reference Materials, LeadsRecent Activity, Analysis, and About.
  3. Buttons for the following actions:
    1. The Agency Assistance option is available if you have granted an agency access
    2. View/Hide Calendar toggles between the calendar and the list of activities view. The calendar view is helpful to schedule routine activities such as every three weeks. 
    3. Add Activity to a campaign. Activities are Promoted Activity, Email, Ad Campaign, Print Media, Web Plugin and Other.
    4. View/Change the current status of the campaign as defined below:
      1. Draft - Draft is the status for new campaigns. The campaign has not generated statistics and contains no activities that require action. 
      2. Active - All scheduled emails and workflow mailings will be released according to schedule. 
      3. Idle - Idle is the status for the campaign when statistics have not been captured in the last 30 days.
      4. Pause - When a campaign is on paused, no emails will be released and workflows will be paused. Social Media posts will continue to post. To stop the social media post, Edit the Upcoming Posts to either unschedule or schedule on a different date.
      5. Archived - When a campaign is archived, no mailings will be sent and all workflows will be deactivated. The campaign will only be accessible by selecting the Archived Status on the My Campaigns page. An archived campaign can be resumed by clicking the Start button. When resuming your campaign, any mailing or activity that was scheduled in the past or in the next 24 hours will be unscheduled and will require rescheduling. This is done to ensure nothing gets delivered unexpectedly. Mailings that were scheduled for more than a day in advance will remain scheduled. You can Learn more about Campaign Status.
    5. Edit/rename the campaign.
  4. Status for the campaign.
  5. Activities associated with the campaign will display. Each line will indicate the expected date and time the activity deploys, name of the activity, and date sent. Click the line icons to duplicate, preview, and move the scheduled activity.2017-10-19_ScheduleCampaigns.jpg


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