Why am I not receiving lead notification emails?

Please take the following steps to ensure that you will receive lead notifications from your supplier (via the Zift123 platform):

  • Check your Zift123 account settings.
    1. Check to ensure that Auto-Accept Leads is not turned on for your account. (If Auto-Accept Leads is turned on, you will not receive lead notification emails.) To check this setting, go to Settings > Lead Management.
    2. Check to ensure that the email address you're using to receive leads is listed in Settings > Lead Management as a default lead owner. 
    3. Check your Zift123 messages to see whether any new leads have been passed to your account.
  • Do not use a generic, role-based email address to receive emails from Zift123. Email addresses like admin@, leads@, marketing@, etc. are restricted by Zift Solutions' email service provider by default. If you are using a role-based email address to receive lead notification emails from Zift123, please email Zift Support and we will request that your email address be added to our email service provider's exceptions list. 
  • Check your junk mail folder. Did the message perhaps end up in your junk email folder? Search for messages received today. If you have rules configured to sort your mail automatically, it could be that the message has been moved to another folder or even been deleted. 
  • Check your virus scanner or 3rd party anti-spam tools. If you are using a virus scanner, disable the mail module. If you also have a 3rd party anti-spam tool installed, disable this as well and then check to see if the message is in quarantine. (This could be somewhere within the tool itself or in a separate folder in your mail client. See the documentation of your anti-spam application to find out what it does exactly when it classifies a message as spam and how to disable its email integration).
  • If you have your mailbox configured on multiple computers or mobile devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), check if the message has arrived on any of those computers. If so, it could indicate an issue with your current inbox configuration only and a new mail profile might help. If you are using a POP3 account, make sure you have configured all your devices to leave a copy on the server so that each device can collect all mail. 
  • Check your web-based mailbox. If the message is not in your mailbox on your computer (or in a mailbox on another device) and it doesn’t appear to be blocked by a local application or configuration, you should check your web mailbox.  Be sure your Zift sending email address is added to the Safe Sender List. Contact your supplier's Zift Administrator to find out the email address that needs to be added to the Safe Sender List.
  • Check to see if your supplier is sending you leads by going to Contacts > Distributed Leads. Note: If you are receiving new leads in Zift123 but not your email's inbox, there may be an issue with your mail server or settings.
  • Check with your network administrator to whitelist emails from Zift.
    1. Ask your network administrator to whitelist this sending domain:
    2. Alternatively, your network administrator can add the following TXT record to your DNS: clientdomain TXT "v=spf1 ~all" 
    3. If you network administrator prefers to whitelist our emails by IP address, here is our list of sender IP addresses. 

Once you've taken followed the steps above, please wait 2-3 business days for your supplier to send new lead notification emails. If you still don't receive lead notification emails after 2-3 business days, please contact the Zift Solutions Help Desk: 

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