Recent Activity for Web Plugins

This feature is not available in all solutions.  For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.


Web plugins allow you to automatically and easily display supplier-provided content such as rotating offers, videos, lead capture forms, product showcases, and downloads including white papers and case studies. Syndicated content adjusts automatically based on data about current website visitors. This content allows you to target the interests of website visitors to deliver the most relevant content. Delivering the right content at the right time greatly increases website visitor conversion rates.

What is the Value in Web Plugins?

  • Deliver targeted, relevant content to website visitors.
  • Keep your online messaging and offers fresh and consistent.
  • Automatically receive notification about new leads with built-in lead generation forms.
  • Collect comprehensive analytics on visitor behavior.

Your supplier may make many web plugins available to you. You will be able to activate and personalize the web plugins to meet your needs.

You can view the companies and even contacts who've interacted with your web plugin. To view the Recent Activity, do the following:

  1. From Web Plugins > My Web Plugins, select the plugin you'd like to review.2017-10-25_PluginRecent_Activity.jpg
  2. From the left navigation, select Recent Activity.
  3. Buttons for the following:
    1. View the full-screen view of the plugin. This is how it will look on your web page. Note that clicks on this page will not be included in the Analysis.
    2. Embed is where you can get a copy of the embed code for your web page. Learn how to embed the code.
    3. Share is where you can share the plugin on social media.
    4. Archive the web plugin if you no longer want it to be available for use. Archiving does not remove the Plugin from the location but we no longer gather data.
    5. Edit takes you to the wizard where you can edit Web Plugin DetailsNotifications, and Personalization. You can also access all the embed codes.
  4. In the Recent Activity > All Events drop-down, select an activity such as web views, web clicks, form submissions, or conversions. The results for activities for the last 30 days will display.
  5. You can view or export data for the individual web plugins. You can find the results in My Downloads.
  6. View data by date, company, contact, and activity type.
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