What do the different values of the Opt-in Authorization mean and how do they affect how the contact is added to or suppressed from a mailing?

Opt-in status can be found Contacts >Contacts or Contacts > Registered Lead. Zift123 has three different values for Opt-in status.

  1. Authorized for All Communications means that the contact has elected to receive all future communications from the Partner/Supplier. The contact can only select this option from one of two locations:
    1. Manage Preferences of an email
    2. Within the Contact Form (Contacts > Contact Form) provided by Zift123.
  2. Authorized for Selected Communications is the default value for all uploaded contacts. The contact has neither subscribed to all communications or unsubscribed from all communications. The contact has taken no action to be added to the list. This is sometimes referred to as Opt-Out Implied Consent. 
  3. Do not contact means the contact has bounced, has been manually added to suppression, or has selected, I do not wish to receive any further email communications on the Manage Preferences page of a sent mailing or withing the contact provided by Zift123. You can click on the Contact to display the details.

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