How can I tell if I'm an Admin for my company's LinkedIn page?

Administrative rights are automatically granted to the creator of a Company Page as part of the creation process. Only company "administrators": can edit Company Pages, add or remove other admins, and send company updates. If you have administrative rights, you’ll see a blue *Edit button* on the *Home* tab of your Company Page. Other users designated by the page creator may also have administrative rights.

To see the list of page administrators:

  1. From your Company Page scroll down until you see the Want to help manage this page?
  2. Select See admins to see the list of admins for your Company Page.

To request administrative rights from your Company Page admin:

  1. Add or confirm the email address": you use at your company to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. List your current position: with the company on your profile.
  3. From the Company Page": scroll down and select Want to help manage this page? section on the right.
  4. See admins to see the list of admins for your Company Page. If you’re a 1st-degree connection to any of the admins, you can request to become an additional admin for the Company Page.
    1. If you’re not a 1st-degree connection of any admin(s), you’ll need to connect with the admin before you can message the member on LinkedIn.
    2. If you’re an agency, social media partner, or a third party working for a Company Page customer, you will need to reach out to your contact at the company to determine who the Company Page Admin’s are. You may want to send them the instructions for how to add or remove admins.

Note: You must visit from your desktop and go to the Company or Showcase Page to make admin changes.

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