How do I know who is visiting my site?

The tracking widget in the product showcase and in your website analytics plugin relies on a reverse IP lookup to report web visitors. That IP address is associated with a company - in some cases that information is all we're able to provide you with.

In the case that one of your contacts has provided you with their contact information (via a form submission from your website, a social form in a Facebook post you've published, or a form submission on en email you've sent out, for instance) then we are able to associate the contact with the company's IP address and display it to you accordingly. If we are able to determine the specific contact who viewed your site, we will include that contact's name in the web analytics report email.

To find contacts that view your site:

  1. From Contacts, select Web Views from the left sidebar menu.
  2. Clicking in on any of these contacts will give you their full contact information and activity history - emails opened, pages clicked, etc.
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