How to Set Up the Salesforce Pardot App

This feature is not available in all solutions. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact.


In the company profile, you will provide basic information about your company. This information will auto-populate campaigns, forms, and other messaging sent to customers. Zift123 administrators can manage the profile in the Zift123 platform with Settings.

Connecting with Salesforce Pardot will push selected available supplier-personalized templates into your Salesforce Pardot instance. From there, you can email and market just like you do today using your Salesforce Pardot platform. Additionally, selected syndicated social posts will be pushed and scheduled for you within the social media component of Salesforce Pardot.

Before you connect your Zift123 account to Salesforce Pardot, be sure to have your Salesforce Pardot login credentials and API User Key on hand. You can find your Salesforce Pardot User Key in Salesforce Pardot under Gear Symbol > Settings > My Profile in the API User Key row.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password
  • If setting up the Salesforce Pardot integration you will also need:
    • Email Address
    • Salesforce Pardot Password
    • API User Key

How to Configure Zift123 for the Salesforce Pardot

  1. In Zift123, go to Settings > App Connectors.
  2. Select Activate, to the right of the Salesforce Pardot logo.
  3. Enter your email address, Salesforce Pardot password, and API User Key in the connector window.
  4. Select Activate.
  5. Select Social Media Settings
  6. Select the social media posts you would like to have automatically forwarded to your Salesforce Pardot account.
  7. Select Email Settings.
  8. Select the campaigns and emails that you want to send to Salesforce Pardot automatically.


How to View and Personalize Your Zift123 Emails in Salesforce Pardot                             

If you have not selected to automatically send all campaigns and emails in Zift123 to Salesforce Pardot, you can send any campaign to Salesforce Pardot when activating your campaign.

  1. Select Marketing > Emails > New List Email.
  2. Name the email.
  3. Select the folder, campaign, and email type.
  4. Save. You'll see the email template you sent from Zift123.
  5. Personalize your email in the Salesforce Pardot interface:

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