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Zift Solutions provides direct access to marketing experts as well as a range of flexible service options to help you find new prospects, nurture existing clients, and create repeat business. We understand that you may not have the time, energy, or experience to create effective marketing campaigns. Our experts can design and execute an array of marketing initiatives that will have a positive effect on your bottom line: from individual email messages to entire multi-touch campaigns. Plus, we work directly with you during and after campaign launch to ensure proper lead follow-up for superior results.

We Create And Execute Custom Campaigns – You Maintain Control

With Zift Concierge Services, you maintain control while saving time, money, and effort. Simply select the sales offer, marketing materials, and other relevant information to support your campaign, and Zift experts will place the offer into a ready-made template, customize it for your brand and send it to you for review and approval. Distribute campaigns yourself when you are ready – or provide Zift with your distribution list, and we will execute delivery of the campaign on your behalf and send you the results.

Measure Results

All Zift Concierge Services include advanced analytics. These analytics help you review results and tailor future campaigns to make them even more effective. We’ll also show you:

  • Who visited your site as a result of the campaign
  • How long they spent on your site
  • Which pages they visited
  • If they decided to make a purchase
  • When prospects return to your site to seek additional information

With Zift Analytics configured on your site, you can even alert your sales staff when high-probability visitors are active on your site for immediate follow-up.

Choose the Service Right for You

Creating and executing effective marketing campaigns is incredibly important for your business, but you may not have the time or resources to do it in-house. Concierge Services solves this problem for you.

Single Syndicated Email // $250

Need to promote a one-time offer, message, or event? Then single syndicated email is the service for you. Simply tell Concierge Services the name of the campaign and provide a contact list. We will customize an email for your brand, utilizing syndicated content and templates provided by your supplier. After you approve the personalized email, we will send it on your behalf.

Multi-Touch Syndicated Email Program // $400

It can take more than six touches to turn a prospect into a customer. Therefore, most email campaigns need to reach people multiple times. Let Zift Concierge Services design a multi-touch syndicated email program comprised of several pieces of engaging content provided by your supplier. We will personalize your multi-touch email program, work with you to set up a schedule, and then distribute it to your list on your behalf.

Create and Execute Email Offer // $500

Sometimes, you don’t have the in-house expertise to create an email offer or simply lack the time to execute it. Just let us know the details of your offer and provide us with your contact list. We’ll create a customized marketing message and distribute it to your list.

Create and Execute Multi-Touch Email Campaign // $750

One-time offers can be powerful, but multi-touch campaigns can be even more so. Getting in touch with prospects and existing customers multiple times is the most effective way to increase sales. With this package, you simply provide us with the details of your offer and content of the emails, and we’ll set up and schedule a full email series. After you have the chance to review your customized material, we’ll distribute it on your behalf.

Create and Execute Event Campaign // $750

Marketing special events can be very important. Whether it’s a trade show, a webinar, or any other one-time event, you need to make sure that you garner as much interest and attention as possible. For campaigns such as this, simply provide us with the content and/or email copy. We will customize a series of emails (initial offer, follow-up offer, reminder email, and thank-you email) for your brand. After your review, we will execute each of the emails on your behalf.

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