Which Browsers are Supported By Zift123?

Zift123 is supported in the latest versions of these browsers:

  • Google Chrome, recommended
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

Below are our recommendations for your browser settings.


  • Need to know which browser version you're using? Click here
  • Need to update your browser? Click here
  • Are you using Internet Explorer, but things just aren't working like you think they should? Try using Chrome!



Set your browser to clear the cache automatically each night.


A pop-up blocker is a software that prevents pop-up windows from appearing on a website. An ad blocker is a software that will remove different kinds of content from a web user's experience online. Zift123 uses pop-ups to engage with content in several areas of the platform including logging in, editing content, and connecting social media accounts.

Since both pop-up blockers and ad blockers can prevent users from using parts of our platform, we recommend that you disable them. Both blockers are normally browser add-on's that can be turned off in your browser window.

Partners login in via a supplier's partner portal will be redirected to our platform from their partner portal. Be sure to allow redirects in your browser settings. 

Browser Security Settings

Firefox has a feature called Enhanced Tracking Protection that can block some of our content from appearing. This feature needs to be disabled for all features in Zift123 to function. Read Enhanced tracking protection in Firefox for assistance with allowing our content in Firefox. 


Allow Jacascript if the browser allows for it. You can find this option in Chrome, Settings > Privacy and security > Content. If the option is not turned on you might see blank previews when personalizing content in Zift123.



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