What is an acceptable number of complaints, bounces and unsubscribes?

Complaints, bounces, and unsubscribes all indicate the health and overall quality of a list. They are not only a direct representation of how happy your recipients are in receiving your emails, but they serve as a report card for your email marketing practices as a whole. 

If engaging content is sent regularly to a list of people who are waiting to open the email, these numbers should be 0 (or very close to it). Each complaint or hard bounce generated is a mark against the account. If someone unsubscribes from a list, they are indicating to a sender that the emails sent are no longer of any interest to them. 

This is how our Email Service Provider monitors your account: 

  • Complaints: Expected results: 0.10% Should never exceed: 0.25% 
  • Hard bounces should never exceed 5% Expected results: 0% - 1% Should never exceed: 5% 
  • Unsubscribes should never exceed 1% 
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