2017 February Software Update


  • Zift123 now displays Recent Activity instead of Activity Log on the Snap Shot Dashboard. 
  • The Analysis > Activity Log has been renamed Recent Activity. 
  • Zift123 now supports Microsoft Dynamics 2016 as well as Microsoft Dynamics 2013, and Microsoft Dynamics 2011.

February 27, 2017

  • We improved the user experience by decreasing the Recent Activity displays on the Snap Shot Dashboard to the last 30 days of activity. You will see this change for campaigns, web plugins, social media, and collateral. Use Export All to have a report with all the data sent to your email instantly or on a schedule. 2017-03-13_RecentActivityNameChange.png
  • We changed the name for the Analysis > Activity Log to Analysis > Recent Activity to be consistent with changes in the way we gather data. You can still choose the time frame for the report: Last 12 Months, Last 14 Days, Last 12 Weeks, and Last 12 Months.2017-03-13_AnalysisRecentActivity.png


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