CRM or PRM Notifications


Zift123 automatically sends notifications to the partner. The notifications can be customized by your administrator.

CRM Connection Failure

The CRM failure notification is sent to when Zift Solution products are not able to connect to a CRM.  If this message is received, partners should log into Zift123 and verify the CRM connection settings.

This message is sent to the following emails:

  • All Admin users for the partner, if none are identified we will use the Contact Email for the partner.
  • The Partner Rep associated with the partner in Zift123 or if none then the email list.

This message is sent out 4 times when there is a CRM login failure.

  • Sent out if 4 out of the last 5 days included a CRM login failure
  • Sent out if 12 out of the last 15 days included a CRM login failure
  • Sent out if 24 out of the last 30 days included a CRM login failure
  • Sent out if 48 out of the last 60 days included a CRM login failure

If we send out all four messages, the CRM is automatically deactivated by the system so that Zift does not continue to try to connect.



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