How do I Add a Salutation to my Email?

You can add a salutation to an email by using our Contact Fields

Add a New Contact Field. You can use any name. In this example, I will use Salutation.

  1. From the User Menu, select Settings.
  2. Select Contact Fields.
  3. Select New Contact Field
  4. Enter the name (Salutation), description, and type for your new field.
  5. The custom field now appears in the Contact Fields list and is available on Contacts. Zift123 assigns a Merge Fieldname that you will use in the mailing. The custom field name in this example is z123_Salutation.2017-12-08_Salutation_customfield.gif
  6. Import a Contact List and map the field in your Contact List2017-12-08_importcontactlist.gif
  7. Add the custom fields to your email.2017-12-08_emailsalutatoin.jpg
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