2017 September Software Updates


  • Improved Personalization view.
  • New Advanced General Options added to the CRM Settings.
  • New Sales Lead Status Mapping for Sage, Salesforce, Sugar, and Zoho CRM.

25 September 2017

  • Sage, Sugar and Zoho CRM users can now map (name) the Zift Sales Leads Status values to match the CRM Lead Status values. Users will be able to choose to display the CRM value or the Zift value. Learn more.
  • In Zift > My Collateral, Zift now searches on keywords and search terms in the collateral description field as well as by words and phrases in the collateral name.

19 September 2017

  • Users can now see the Personalization Properties to the right of the Personalizer rather than at the bottom of the page. You can change your content color scheme, hide or display content sections, configure social media options and control text and link settings with the personalizer.2017-10-16_Personalizer.jpg
  • Campaign status is now displayed in the upper right in the campaign view. Having the status on the campaign allows users to differentiate campaigns containing in-progress activities from campaigns whose activities are no longer in-progress. Campaigns will now show a status of Draft, Active, Idle, Completed, Cancelled, or Archived. Learn more. 
  • Alert banners have been consolidated on the Campaign Snapshot Dashboard and in the Campaign Detail views. Use the arrows to either expand or collapse the alert messages.


12 September 2017

  • We added Advanced General Options to the CRM Settings page to improve the user experience. These options apply to all leads in the Zift123 account regardless of origin. This section contains the settings for Lead Events Types, Lead Status Mapping, Create Campaigns in CRM, and Campaign Send Data Level. CRM Usage Profile is now specific to Marketing Automation leads and Lead Distribution leads.  Learn more.
  • Salesforce users can now map(name) the Zift Sales Leads Status values to match the Salesforce Lead Status values. Users will be able to choose to display the Salesforce value or the Zift value. Learn more.


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