Marketing Summary


The Marketing Summary gives a high overview of website traffic, social media, and emails for the previous time since the last notification. This notification is intended for administrators and marketing users.

The Marketing Summary will generate an email based on the frequency you have selected, new events and activity since the last notification.

The Marketing Summary report will contain the following information:

  • Date range and supplier logo.
  • Website views, clicks and forms submissions.
  • The number of emails sends and clicks.
  • The number of social media posts and likes.
  • Log into Zift123.
  • Topics heat map.
  • Best performing campaigns with a link to browse the campaigns.
  • Recently created campaigns with a link to browse the campaigns.
  • The post popular campaigns with links to browse the campaigns.
  • Upcoming email activity.
  • Upcoming social media activity.
  • Link to the Notification Settings.

Here is an example of the Marketing Summary report:

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