Best Practice for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)


Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol that allows for file access, file transfer, and file management using a reliable data stream. Using SFTP encrypts both commands and data to prevent passwords and other sensitive information from being transferred over the network. SFTP requires an authenticated server and data transfer must take place over a secure channel. 2018-04-24_SFTPsmallzift.png

How the SFTP Integrations work in Zift CMM

  • No data is sent back to the customer systems for this type of integration, all field mappings are "Into Zift" only.
  • SFTP integrations can only be used to load partner, lead, or opportunity records.
  • Custom fields can be added and maintained manually in Zift CMM.

In this article we share Best Practice for SFTP .CSV file formatting.

Integration Schedule

Our integration module looks for a new file every two hours.

Integration Requirements

  • The integration is used for incremental changes only. The integration will overwrite data stored in Zift CMM with any updates from the files being processed.
  • Files should not be uploaded unless there is new information.

File Requirements

  • The file must be .csv, UTF-8 BOM encoded
  • Name your file with record type and date information, e.g.: lead_20160414.csv, partner_20160525.csv

        Below is an example of the file.


  • A header row is required
  • The files size cannot exceed 100 records. If your file is larger than 100 records, break the file into multiple uploads of 100 records

Record Requirements

  • Each new record must be on a new line in the file.

Field & Cell Requirements

  • The file header row field names must match the values and is case sensitive
    • Here is a values example: 'value' is not the same as 'va lue'. Spaces are considered characters and the file would fail to upload. Be especially mindful before or after values
    • Here is a case sensitive example: 'case' is not the same as 'Case'. The file would fail to upload if the due to the 'c' character mismatch.
  • Any cell that contains a comma must be encoded in double quotes. "US,UK,FR"
  • Multi-value cells must be enclosed in double quotes and have values separated by commas. e.g. "CA,PA,LA"
  • Only fields that need to be updated should be included in the file. If a field is excluded from the file, no database updates for that field will occur

We have specific directions for other file uploads that you may find helpful:

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