2016 July Software Updates


  • New default editor for Create Your Own emails.
  • Partners can exclude companies from the Top Companies report for more accurate reporting.
  • Linked In does not accept special characters in social posts.

July 27, 2016

In March we introduced our new email editor in beta. Zift123 users were able to test drive the new feature and offer feedback. Based on feedback, we made changes to the editor. The Email Builder is now the default editor for create your own emails (cyo emails). If you are new to creating emails, be sure to read Best Practices for Email Design before you start.

Zift123 users can quickly build an email campaign without having to be expert in HTML with the new Email Builder. The new WYSIWYG editor allows users to quickly add, edit and modify email modules with drag and drop functionality. Users can use editing features like merge tags and special links to further customize emails with names, email opt-in, and unsubscribe. 

The Email Builder is supported with a variety of standard email templates that can be customized to meet user needs.

  • (17025) Updated the grid view for Collateral > Browse reflecting accurate collateral.

July 20, 2016

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