2016 May Software Updates



Zift123 users who work with multiple suppliers have access to a My Zift123 account to ease marketing efforts across different suppliers. By using My Zift123, you will be able to access marketing content from different suppliers in a single location.

  • With the addition of this enhancement, several views will change when you are logged into My Zift123.
  • My Zift123 users will have access to a dashboard to view statistics across suppliers. 
  • My Zift123 users will be able to select My Zift123 or individual suppliers in the Settings Menu.
  • The Campaign, Web Plugin, Social media, Collateral, Notifications, and Analysis views will show individual suppliers with each activity when logged into My Zift123.
  • My Zift123 users will use filters to focus on specific supplier data.

 Learn more about Multi-subscription and My Zift123.


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