How to Install a Web Plugin to a Website


Web plugins allow you to automatically and easily display supplier-provided content such as rotating offers, videos, lead capture forms, product showcases, and downloads including white papers and case studies. Syndicated content adjusts automatically based on data about current website visitors. This content allows you to target the interests of website visitors to deliver the most relevant content. Delivering the right content at the right time greatly increases website visitor conversion rates.

Using Zift123, suppliers provide web plugins for the products, industries, and solutions that matter to your business. You can find the supplier-provided web plugins that have not been activated under Web Plugin > Browse. Using the plugins provided under Browse promotes brand standards and efficiency. Web plugins that have been activated can be found under My Web Plugins.

After selecting the web plugin, you can activate it to enable editing details, personalization features, and the embed code. Using these features, you can change text and add images. After saving your changes, you can embed the code by copying the provided snippet into your product showcase or website. 

You can also add web plugins to a campaign.

This guide will show you how to add syndicated content to web locations.

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Browse Web Plugins and Activate Edit Web Plugin Details Personalize Web Plugins Embed the Web Plugin Code


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password

Browse Web Plugins and Activate

Using the plugins provided under Browse promotes brand standards and allows for easy, efficient installation. After selecting the web plugin, you can activate it. The web plugin is now available in My Web Plugins. To personalize the web plugin, select Edit. You will be guided through the steps of setting up the web plugin.

Review Web Plugin Details

In the Web Plugin Settings > Details, you can edit the name of the plugin, add or change email notifications and SMS notifications.

Personalize Web Plugins

Zift123 will automatically personalize your web plugins with your default company profile information when activated. With the majority of web plugins, you have the ability to edit, revise, and personalize rotating offers, videos, lead capture forms, and downloads with your business information as well as other preferences. Please note that personalization options are not available with all plugins. Once you have personalized your web plugin, you can view how the plugin appears to your website/page visitors.

Publish the Web Plugin

After you have personalized your web plugin, you can retrieve the code snippet by selecting Embed Code. You can email the directions to your site administrator, or copy the embed code to your website. The code is available as a JavaScript snippet, JSP, ASP, PHP, or ColdFusion. Click Email or Copy to Clipboard to publish the plugin. If you aren' t sure it is published, check the status on the Activities dashboard. 

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