Staying in touch with your customers is an important part of any marketing plan. The contact database is made up of individual contacts that represent an individual person or business with specific contact information such as name, address, city, state, and phone number. A contact's information can be updated over time as you learn more about your contact. The unique identifier for a contact is their email address. If an email address is not included but a phone number is, Zift123 will create an email address automatically.

One piece of the demographic information is the contact's company name. Companies are created in two ways in Zift123.

  1. A company is created when a contact responds to a marketing touch by viewing/visiting a website. If the company information is not included, the system will take the email domain and populate the company name field. For example, will result in Apple, Inc being added as the company name.
  2. A company can be created when a lead provides company information via a form.

When a company is created in one of the two ways above, the company is linked to the partner and will appear in our lists and reports. The system will also update company names for consistency. Correcting what appears to be misspelled names for example.

A company can also be entered directly onto the contact information form. If the company already exists in Zift123, the contact will be linked to the existing company. In this instance, the company is not linked to the partner and will not appear in our lists and reports. When and if this contact becomes a lead, a company will be created, the company is linked to the partner and will then appear in our lists and reports.

Because of these company creation rules in Zift123, only companies that have interacted with you will appear in your companies list.

If you want to know all your contacts associated with a specific company, navigate to Contacts > Companies.

In the Companies view, you can do the following:

  1. Search for companies by name.
  2. Filter by events such as submissions, email opens, email clicks, web views, web clicks, and conversions.
  3. Filter by industry.
  4. Note the number of companies in the list in parentheses. 
  5. Sort by the number of views, most recent visit, create date, name, and industry. The columns represent company name, industry, date of most recent contact associated with the company, number of events associated with the company, and number of leads associated with the company.
  6. Select the linked company name for details about the company.

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