How to Create an Opportunity on a Lead


An opportunity is commonly defined as a sales qualified lead that a sales representative has communicated with and believes has a legitimate chance at becoming a customer.

If your supplier has opportunities enabled, you can create opportunities from leads within the platform. This notifies the supplier that you are working with a particular company and should receive compensation for it.


You should be familiar with the following topics before continuing:

  • Zift123 Username
  • Zift123 Password

How to Create an Opportunity in Zift123 that is Reported to the Supplier

  1. From Contacts > Distributed Leads or Contacts > Register Leads, find the lead you want to create an opportunity for.
  2. Select the appropriate lead from the list.
  3. If you already have an opportunity for the lead, select Update Status to move the lead through different phases of the sales pipeline including Qualified Opportunity.
  4. If it is not already a lead, select New Opportunity. You can create multiple opportunities for any lead. You can assign the following opportunity statuses:
    1. Prospecting (10%)
    2. Needs Analysis (20%)
    3. Value Proposition (50%)
    4. Id. Decision Makers (60%)
    5. Perception Analysis (70%)
    6. Proposal/Price Quote (75%)
    7. Negotiation/Review (90%)
    8. Closed Won (100%)
    9. Closed LostGIFNewOpportunity.gif
  5. Opportunities can automatically be reported to a supplier. The supplier can run the Opportunity Details summary to get a list of all the Opportunities you have shared with them. Here's what the Opportunity Details Summary looks like when you share opportunities with your supplier.

How to Set Up Opportunity Reporting

  1. From Settings, select CRM Settings > Advanced Marketing Automation Options.
  2. Select Opportunities with a contact that matches a lead within Zift123.


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