Dynamic Membership Rule for Contact Lists


Membership rules provide a way to create dynamic membership lists. Membership rules will filter through the contacts you have added to your account. You can include the contacts that match a set of rules you define when creating the list. The system will automatically add and remove contacts based on the rules. Contact lists with membership rules are constantly evolving to meet the criteria of the rules.

You can do the following in the Membership Rules view:

  1. Add a new rule.
  2. Add a new group (rule) to an existing rule. This is a sub-group of an existing rule.
  3. Select the opt-in option for the list.
  4. Connect a rule with a contact list.
  5. Archive a rule.


The rules consist of expressions that define what should be done. Each of the rules will include fields, operators, and functions. Select the drop-down arrow to view and select your options.

Rules may contain both and and or statements. Contacts must meet all the and statement rules. Or rules will group them separately. You can also choose the actions that the rules are based on.

Opt-in confirmation emails can also be set-up with the rules.

See How to Add a Dynamic Membership Rule.

Examples of Membership Rules

Example #1 - You may want to create a dynamic list that includes any contact whose opportunity status is Prospecting. In this case, contacts would flow in and out of your list depending on their opportunity stage.

Example #2 - You can create more complex membership criteria by combining rules. You may want to send a monthly newsletter to contacts who are based in North Carolina and have also visited your website more than three times.

Example #3 - You can also target contacts based on either/or criteria. Let's say that you want to send a mailing to any contact who has either interacted with your online marketing efforts in the last three months or belongs to a company with more than 100K employees.

Example #4 - You can also target fields that are required. In this example, the country field must be populated for the contact to appear on the list.

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