What are role based email addresses and how does the system handle them?

Role-based email addresses (like admin@, help@, sales@, leads@) are email addresses that are not associated with a particular person, but rather with a company, department, position or group of recipients.They are not generally intended for personal use, as they typically include a distribution list of recipients.

What are challenges of role addresses?

Role-based addresses are typically company addresses defined by a job rather than a person and are often managed by several people. It is impossible to prove that everyone who will receive emails at these addresses has given their consent to receive them. Additionally, these types of addresses are associated with high bounce rates, high spam complaints, and spam traps.

How does Zift123 handle these types of email addresses?

When someone attempts to add a role-based email to a contact list, the email address is automatically removed from the list and not imported to Zift123. Known blocked addresses:

  • abuse@
  • accounting@
  • admin@
  • auctions@
  • billing@
  • contact@
  • contactus@
  • events@
  • finance@
  • help@
  • law@
  • leads@
  • list@
  • mail@
  • marketing@
  • noc@
  • noreply@
  • office@
  • postmaster@
  • pr@
  • purchasing@
  • recipients@
  • webmaster@
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