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There are several resources available to you when working in the Zift123 platform.


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Should you need help working within the Zift123 platform, there are several resources available to you.

  1. How to Get Help While in the Zift123 Application
  2. How to Access Knowledge Articles from Zift123 Academy

How to Get Help While in the Zift123 Application

  1. At the top of each page in Zift123, you will find a Help option. Clicking the Help tab will display a window with help topics and FAQs specific to the page you're on in Zift123:

  1. Tips and Tricks are on the Zift123 home page to assist you as you work within the platform.
  2. Help icons are available throughout the application. You can select or hover on these icons for detailed information.
  3. New features are announced and explained in special windows that pop up the first time you access the new or improved feature.
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How to Access Knowledge Articles

Within the Zift123 Academy, you'll find written documentation with screenshots for each of the functions and processes available on the Zift123 Platform. To get help, browse through the tabs or enter your search term in the search box. The tabs are organized to help you find content easily.

  • Guides are useful when trying to understand complex tasks with more than one set of steps. Our Getting Started Guides are directed at the new user.
  • How to Guides are similar in format to the Getting Started Guides, but typically explain steps for a single task.
  • Videos are provided for visual learners.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are great when trying to understand a single concept or to answer a quick question. Our FAQs are created and answered by Zift123 experts based on user questions and industry trends.
  • Under the Education tabwe have captured channel marketing best practices from Zift Solutions experts as well as industry experts. From Facebook to content syndication, we cover best practices that can improve your ROI and customer engagement.
  • If you would like one of our Zift123 help desk experts to respond to your question, send us an email or chat with us via the button in the bottom right corner of your Zift123 screen during business hours. All of these options are available to you under the Support tab.
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